Singer of Rest Ashore Burning Roses Up Close


Rest Ashore are Hoboken emo/math quartet that’s been making a name themselves for some time now with their razor sharp lyrics and stylish instrumentation.

Since 2016’s Pornoviolence, the band has continued to grow in these departments with every release. So needless to say, we were stoked as ever when we heard they had a new single out. Check it out below.

Initially, “Devotion” strikes like a match against the heart of it’s listeners with a warm, welcoming intro. But it’s not the improved production and killer licks that bring things together here. It’s actually something deeper than that.

Rest Ashore has always been pretty reliable when it comes to the tongue in cheek. But bandleader Erica Butts kicks things into high gear this time around with all-too-relatable truth bombs like “What are you doing with your pandemic? Sitting by your window and thinking of me? All the things I tried so hard forgetting ended up becoming my favorite memories.”

This is the kind of wit that the band’s January 2019 EP Annihilation such blast to listen to, but way more intense. It’s not about orgies anymore. Erica’s vivid description of the pandemic and its emotional fallout is as incendiary as it is funny. It’s a balance you don’t see often enough. We’ll be waiting, and bracing ourselves, for whatever they come out with next.

You can listen to the Rest Ashore discography here, and we highly recommend you do so immediately.