Room Temperature Suite: Episode 2

Room Temperature Suite

Intro music: “Floorboards” (7″ Version) by Roz and the Rice Cakes.
Outro music: “Olympic Park” by Couch Tigers


This month’s talking points: Poly-Math, a Giraffes? Giraffes! album, Top March Releases, Honey and Salt, SXSW, Fun Music, The Darkest Timeline, 100 Greatest Math Rock Albums You’ve Never Heard, One Inbox Zero, Two Non-Math Albums

Listener questions: Kinesthetic Performance, ZooBooks, 5/4, Odd Time Signatures in Top 40 Hits, Metallica vs. Guitar Hero, Bad Touring, What’s the Name of Your Podcast?, Who is The Faceless, John Niblock, Cardiacs, Wounded Pride, Self Promotion, Slayer Sucks, A Survey of Most Popular Math Rock Polyrhythms, Here’s a Polyrhythm, Tricot American Tour, Strangeforms, Don Cab Reunion, Little Cavalier Festival, Dan Beat Cancer!