We at Fecking Bahamas are proud to release our second compilation ‘II. Russia’. This new 17-track compilation contains never-before-heard music from MTKPCC, Too Far East Is West and Hashtea, and complements our new article on the Russian math rock scene. We hope to showcase the diverse and exciting range of math rock of Russia, from Moscow right through to the Siberian mountains.

Featured artists:

1. Weary Eyes (
3. Riding The Diplodoc (
4. Jaunt (
5. Too Far East Is West (
6. ED (
8. Yawn Hic (
9. Hashtea (
10. Penguinsmeat (
11. Bingo Bandy Club (
12. uSSSy (
13. YaineYa (
14. Koala Kamaji (
15. Hatari! (
16. Kawri’s Whisper (
17. Antethic (

Our artwork explained

As is the custom with our compilations, we asked a number of bands to each give us a random word, from which we would choose three to illustrate our cover. We chose ‘whale’, ‘cactus’, and ‘cage’, the words put forth by the bands Yawn Hic, Riding The Diplodoc, and Weary Eyes, respectively. We gave these words to a Russian artist, Olya Kazmina. We couldn’t be happier with Olya’s final product: a whale caged by cactus.

Thank you

We would like to thank all the bands who have participated in the compilation. We would also like to thank the following people for their cooperation in the project: Sasha Butakov of Riding The Diplodoc and MTKPCC, Nikita Martyushov of Weary Eyes, and Max Sakovich of ED. Finally, we would like to thank our Fecking Bahamas writer Grisha Kozlovsky, for liaising with all the bands, and bringing this wonderful compilation together.