The third installment in our global compilation series is finally here. Fecking Bahamas III. Australasia is a 22-track compilation showcasing some of the wonderful mathematical and instrumental oddities of Australia and New Zealand.

Featured artists:

1. Sparkspitter (
2. SEIMS (
3. Race To Your Face (
4. Stockades (
5. Captain Kickarse And The Awesomes (
6. Kerretta (
7. Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving (
8. Atrabillions (
9. Seahorse Divorce (
10. The Valley Ends (
11. American French Fries (
12. Space Cadet (
13. Napleonic Wars (
14. Basil’s Kite (
15. Cicada(horse) (
16. Lopaka (
17. Open (
18. Tulalah (
19. Skinny Jean (
20. Bear The Mammoth (
21. The Burning Sea (
22. Plini (

Our artwork explained

As is the custom with our compilations, we asked a number of bands to each give us a random word, from which we would choose three to illustrate our cover. We chose ‘wombat’, ‘proceed’, and ‘biodiversity’, which were suggested by Plini, Bear The Mammoth, and The Valley Ends, respectively. We gave these words to an Australian artist, Simeon Bartholomew of SEIMS and Captain Kickarse And The Awesomes. Simeon’s art connects flora with fauna; growing, reproducing and dying under the cyclic proceedings of nature. Here, the elements are morphed; wombats blossom stems and are entangled in the roots growing from their legs, representing the complex and diverse interweavings of life. The cover also appears deliberately dusty, reflecting the familiar outback nature of our Great Southern Land.

Thank you

As usual, we would like to thank all the bands who have participated in the compilation, as they are at the crux of this compilation. We would also like to thank Tim D’Agostino of The Valley Ends, Stephen Evans of Bear The Mammoth, The Birds Robe Collective and Simeon Bartholomew. We’ll see you soon for the inevitable Fecking Bahamas IV.