Memory of Elephants allegedly shitting themselves

EXCLUSIVE // Watch Memory of Elephants play “I Just Karate Shit My Pants”

Season’s greeting everyone. We hope you are keeping warm with a nice hot drink this year, ready to kick back and experience the heatwave of energy coming from the one and only Memory Of Elephants in this proud presentation of our very first Fecking Bahamas Live Session. Recorded at J & J Studio in Bristol, England and engineered by Nathan Long.

We’ve been fans of these guys for a while now, so it was a pleasure to record this with them, just before lockdown. We managed to nab this rendition of “I Just Karate Shit My Pants” from their debut album Beachballin’.

Check out Memory of Elephants’ music on Bandcamp and keep an eye out for an upcoming EP and their second album in the works.