EXCLUSIVE // Stream Rest Ashore’s new single ‘Hjarta’


One of my great loves about math rock is the ‘jolt’. Y’know, it’s those musical moments where the music just didn’t follow the convention: the unexpected key change, the odd-meter, the weird stop-start. The sudden disparity removes you from the world of familiarity and causes the jolt; ‘wait, wha?’ you say. You might skip back and listen again. You might repeat the track afters. Either way, it caught you off-guard.

The ‘jolt’ is fodder for the math rock fan. We love being thrown out of our comfort zone. And that’s what Rest Ashore are supplying with their new single ‘Hjarta’: jolts. Taken from their upcoming album Pornoviolence, ‘Hjarta’ combines pop-punk sensibilities with nice touches of vivacious meter-bending math. Jolts abound as the single progresses, and you’ll be losing count of the time signature changes. Give it a spin, won’t ye?

SMEISRest Ashore’s new album ‘Pornoviolence’ will be released shortly. Keep up to date with their progress via the band’s Facebook page.