Stage Kids – Recess (2020)

Since their self-titled EP was released in 2009, Sacramento based Stage Kids have been enticing everybody’s ears with their unique blend of prog, jazz, electronic music, and math rock. Their latest effort, Recess, exemplifies their musical versatility. Although this EP is a brief sonic adventure, each song guides the listener through lush soundscapes teeming with intricate rhythms and emotive melodies. “Welcome to the Jungle” introduces the listener to that familiar Stage Kids sound while “Jonny of the Jungle” portrays an almost neo-soul side of the band somewhat reminiscent of Alarmist or Hiatus Kaiyote. “Tantalizer” ends the journey with an energetic build-up followed by a dirty, soulful outro. The continuation of Stage Kids’ “endless jam” as they call it, was well worth the wait.

We’re so here for endless jams it’s not even funny. Stage Kids’ calm as heck approach to jazzy stacked seventh chords make the journey all the sweeter, but to be fair, it’s not a very long one. The entirety of this EP clocks in at just about seven minutes. But that’s okay!

Check out the rest of the band’s intricate library on their Bandcamp here, and join us in looking forward to whatever it is these chill chappers throw at us next. If you need us, we’ll be here staring into the matrix-ified glory of the EP’s artwork wondering about the universe and it’s very nature. It’s like TRON but also kind of… Arthur Conan Doyle? Whatever it is, it’s super cool.

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Groovy, tappity-tap, jazz, fusion, chill, pina coladas, mojitos

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Dios Trio, Enemies, CHON

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The whole thing, kids




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