Gallops – Bronze Mystic (2017)

Only Gallops’ fans know the pure joy of hearing the band were reforming. The Welsh experimental trio announced a second album during their ArcTanGent set last year, three years after their statement of intent to part ways.

Gallops have the rare knack of being able to seamlessly combine many different genres, without ever feeling like they’re stealing from elsewhere.

The aptly named ‘Crystal Trap’ features high hats and a sampled snare that wouldn’t feel out of place in a trap song.
‘Darkjewel’ offers the listener an operatic vocal texture alongside the harshest of synth sounds; while ‘Professional Weapon’ combines synth brass with a dance-pop pipe lead line (it’s what the kids are listening to nowadays). There really is something for everyone and it feels effortless for Gallops.

Bronze Mystic showcases exceptionally powerful experimental math writing, which sounds clean and clear. Just don’t say you’ll break up again, guys… please?

File Under

Experimental, Instrumental, Distortion, Wacky, Ethereal, Multi-genre

Sounds A Tad Like

Three Trapped Tigers, Talons, Mutiny on the Bounty


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Wrexham, Wales