EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE // Stream the new album from French math rock outfit Partout Partout


They say good things always come in twos…

Couldn’t be any more true for two-piece two-named Partout Partout. The French duo features Florian Borojevic, splitting his time between, you guessed it, two bands; the other being one of our favourite instrumental noise outfits: 100% Chevalier.

Partout Partout have been traversing the British countryside of late, bringing their new brand of math rock cacophonies to new and unsuspecting listeners. The band have also released their wildly imaginative single ‘Sauce Galopin’, a track comprising quirky high pitched guitar blips looped over fusion beats and culminating in angry breakdowns. We instantly knew this doubled-named noise monster was yet another French band to watch.

And lo and behold, the band are a week away from releasing their debut EP c o u c o u, which we are proudly streaming in its entirety ahead of time. This four track release combines the raw energy of fellow Frenchozoids Pneu with the wild quirks of bands like Noxious Foxes and Adebisi Shank. One thing is for certain: this is not your conventional instrumental rock record.

bathingYou can get your filthy mitts on Partout Partout’s debut EP ‘c o u c o u’ via their Bandcamp page. The band are also touring right now across the UK and Europe. Check out their Facebook page for details.

Image credit: SunCity Event Szeged