job creators


New Job Creators? In this economy? Financial forecasters say ‘hell yes,’ to the band’s latest single.

Featuring a propulsive, almost deceptively dance-friendly intro, “Love Monster,” has an attitude all it’s own as it whips up a cyber aesthetic before turning it on its head. But don’t worry – for all it’s roar, this monster actually seems like a pretty swell guy.

Check out this exclusive first taste of “Love Monster” below!

Those deep, churning synth leads give off a retro sci-fi feel, a vibe complimented, if not altogether completed, by the odd vocal sample. The New York trio also generate uniquely hypnotic results on the single, with many of its simpler sections still containing at least three polyrhythmic parts.

By the time the crushingly tubular bridge rolls around, it makes for a cathartic release after the whirlpool effect of the building grooves up to that point. Job Creators seem to be establishing a worldly slice of progressive synth rock for themselves here, vaguely reminiscent of Italy’s Gotho or the Russian Weary Eyes, but with their own tongue in cheek style, so when it comes to new sonic gigs for the ol’ ear canal, we’d say they’re hired.

Did that sound weird? Good.

The more we think about it, the more the title “Love Monster” checks out with it’s… feels. It’s tentacle-y feels. Coming up we’ve got Hey! Tonal, Viscosity: Medium, Double Mint Dragon, and other fantastically named bands real soon. Check out more from Job Creators here, and buy us a coffee because you’re rich and overflowing with generosity here. You’re the best. Thanks for reading!