double mint dragon


If you’re looking for a sickly psychedelic good time, you’ve found it – or perhaps, it’s found you?

Go ahead and fire up Silver Volt, the recently released debut from Double Mint Dragon and let it find you for yourself – we double dog dare you.

We helped premiere the band’s first single a couple months back with the aptly names “Time Drug,” which we all but snorted up as it’s loopy, Battles-type charm. But the album starts to pick up with another level of energy and “Perky Pat” and “Fake Fake,” taking on the aggression of early Giraffes? Giraffes!, with a hint of Piglet.

Suit up and check out Silver Volt below.

You know what they say – two giraffes and a baby pig make a dragon. They do say that, right? Ah… that explains the odd looks. All jokes aside there are a lot of cool riffs happening here, and the vocals feel more powerful for how sparse they are. Also, much like fellow NY-instrumentalists Job Creators, there’s a strong undercurrent of dance-friendly motion here, something we see more of on the East Coast.

But don’t let the groove fool you – there are some great left turns too, particularly on “Hot Shave” and “Wooden Teeth,” where the dynamics and delivery ascend and expand into territory projected from the 1990’s DC punk scene, despite coming from the opposite coast, 20 years later. Silver Volt is filled with vintage-appreciative moments like these, but also with splashes of modern color that help the journey stay fresh and minty throughout, and makes for a great additional to the early summer playlist.

Man, we shouldn’t have smoked that Double Mint Dragon. Now we’re Fecking Bahamas. Actually, we don’t mind. Check out the full album here, and buy us a coffee here to keep our arteries tight and crisp like they’re supposed to be. Coming up we’ve got Sons of Venus, Maebe, Gallus, and more. Thanks for reading!