lower automation


If you have what it takes to lip sync, you have most of what it takes to sing, other than perhaps a voice, and while there have been some shocking lip sync moments in the last few decades, none of them really hurt like Ashlee Simpson bombing on SNL.

It was a pivotal moment for many young minds, witnessing the cogs of an automated machine sputtering out, awry and fully dysfunctional. These painful memories, however, give way to a disillusionment that can grant you certain things – like an exclusive Lower Automation music video, for instance.

Yeah, we’d say it was worth it – let the healing commence with the video below for “Information Entrepreneurs and their Lipsycnhing Choirs.”


Honestly, those canvas projection things are creepy, and we’ll never get used to them. Lower Automation sticks out on their own without comparison due to their bleak, chaotic canvas, but we occasionally hear glints of Deaf Club and Glassjaw on this song especially.

The single comes off of last years acclaimed LP Strobe Light Shadow Play, which threw heaps of mathcore and sass into a stylistic blender to exquisite results. If you haven’t checked it out already, consider this an official reminder.

Check out the band’s discography here and buy us a coffee here, but holy shit we are squeezing so much into the end of this month it is not even funny. Keep your eyes peeled later today for pieces on Secret Cowboy, Protomartyr, and The Armed, as well as a piece with the almighty Kevin Hufnagel, guitarist of Dysysrhythmia and Gorguts. Then we’re taking a damn break – thanks for reading!