secret cowboy


Cowboys and cattle prods, we’ve got a live one for you that’s sure to sure wrangle in your bovine math rock fantasies. Yes, you have those. Deep inside.

Secret Cowboy’s shred-tastic first rodeo is an exhilarating first look at a band that seems to be spilling over with melodic and rhythmic ideas, and there’s a fair amount of twang here but it’s blissfully buried beneath a stampede of unruly drums and guitar noise.

It’s a rootin’ tootin’ good time for the whole fam-damnily. Check out “Son of the Month” below.

The LP is self-titled, but for some slight elaboration here’s a few words from the distinguished leather mongers themselves on what it’s like to be a secret cowboy:

“Based out of New Orleans, LA, Secret Cowboy is a math rock duo consisting of guitarist Dane Harter and drummer Shannon Paine-Jesam. Blending influences ranging from jazz to metal, their sound consists of heavy, technical and angular riffs. The band formed in 2019 and had their first release in 2020, Car Wreck Music.

We’re not really the line dancing type but Secret Cowboy’s first LP does having us walking all kinds of weird and yodeling a little more often than usual. Just a little. But it’s also got us revisiting the gnarly-ness of bands like Cloutchaser, Shake the Baby till the Love Comes Out and Town Portal, and it’s gotta a little bit of a Hella vibe as well thanks to those blistering drum fills. If you’re looking for some fresh new talent in math rock and you need yourself a honky hoedown, well, that’s kind of a niche market. Luckily, you now have an excellent place to start.

It turns out the website for the band is We thought that was something else, but perhaps it is better off forgotten. We ride to remember. Or not. Whatever. Check out that definitely only music-related website here and replenish our hearts and souls with coffee drinks here. We’ve got a lot more to get through before the week is over, including Protomartyr, The Armed, and Dysrhythmia / Gorguts guitarist Kevin Hufnagel, so keep your eyes peeled – thanks for reading!