EXCLUSIVE // Listen to You Break, You Buy’s new EP ‘Don’t Join The Circus’


This week London based instrumental outfit You Break, You Buy will release a follow-up to their 2014 debut Happy Happenstance. On their new EP Don’t Join The Circus, beautifully mixed by the illustrious Adam Edwards of Lost In The Riots fame, the quartet expands upon its established sound of mellow, twinkly and generally just really pleasant jams they’ve already introduced us to by kicking things up a notch. It sees them stomping on their distortion pedals right on the first track ‘Neighsayer’, turning those sweet, ringing melodies into something with a little more intensity, a little more edge to it.

Nonetheless, the band’s new music is giving off some seriously positive vibes. Their playfulness comes together in the way they layer different rhythm sections on top of each other and weave them into a whole, like in the main theme of ‘Fox Feeder’. Another track certainly stands out by featuring singer Declan Feenan, with whom some of the band members are involved with in another project called Spy From Moscow. His soothing vocals in conjunction with predominantly percussive finger-style guitar licks almost feel reminiscent of the works of math rock veterans Maps & Atlases.

If you are a fan of bright and upbeat math rock and dig bands like Elephant Gym, Enemies and Floral, then you will find yourself streaming Don’t Join The Circus on repeat. Buy this album, but don’t break it.

bathingThe new EP by You Break, You Buy is out January 18th via Lonely Voyage. Make sure to follow the band on Facebook.