You Break, You Buy – Happy Happenstance EP (2014)

Being the first sound of the night on your first gig together is pretty stressful, but the London-based international four-piece that is You Break, You Buy didn’t rush through their pensive compositions when I witnessed them do exactly that at the end of last year, confidently delivering Happy Happenstance EP without missing a beat, a chat with the crowd, or a shout of “FOACK!”.

This is a debut that’s joyful, patient, twiddly, mellow, upbeat, tight and smooth throughout, in 20 minutes. Clean tone is taken full advantage of, for fans of bands like Elephant Gym and their brethren, while the sweet grooves and mathy unisons in ‘J is for Genius’ and ‘Inertia’ remind me of Battles, Alarmist and LITE. They dance from idea to idea, every one of which is an indicator of some present and future greatness.

Their debut is available on CD and vinyl as well as through the internet tubes, and if you live in London, you can catch them at a number of dates in the next couple of months.

File Under

Math Rock, Indie, Instrumental, Tappity-tap, Happy, Twinkly

Sounds A Tad Like

Elephant Gym, Redneck Manifesto, Enemies


A mere three English pounds


London, England