tortuganónima – ‘Asteral EP’ (2017)

When Tortuganónima’s Asteral begins it sends you right into the stratosphere with a bass envelope that’s bobbing in space. ‘Bolbol’ – a giant fluorescent ball of dark matter, the delayed guitar and ambient reverb transitions lavishly speak to each other. Guitarists Gérard and Gabriel play to each other much like TTNG or Don Caballero.

‘Corrientes’ begins with a beautiful acoustic guitar motif, “qué posible es que borrer toda mi memoria…” or “is it possible to erase all of my memory?” Choruses written like this in league with greats like Natalie Evans, or Yvette Young.  The song builds to a beautiful catharsis with guitars languidly tying in all parts harmoniously. The acoustic guitar leaves us wanting more with an eerie chord at the end. In ‘Veinte (20) Giros Al Sol’, which I could only assume means the best space trip to the sun and back twenty times. The drum and bass are locked into a jive that pummels landing back to Earth.

Tortuganónima never ceases to amaze me with the chemistry that is inherent in their sound. Asteral may be a short trip but it has a lot of substance.

File Under

Math rock, emo, instrumental, jazz, ambient, dreamy

Sounds A Tad Like

The Speed of Sound in Seawater, Natalie Evans, Yvette Young, and American Football


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Santiago, Chile