EXCLUSIVE // Listen to the newest track from The Planet You


We’ve all been there; dragging ourselves round the internet for hours attempting in vain to find some decent new music only to find ourselves a little more Frobisher than Columbus.
With that in mind, you’ll probably find some insurance of The Planet You’s brilliance, in the fact that all the band’s members are music students of some variety and have now set about writing dynamic forward thinking music, channelling post-hardcore alongside traditional jazz influences to create a captivating, fresh sound – jolting one moment from CHONy cleans to pissed off Mars Volta guitar lines accompanied by tense vocals reminiscent of Fall of Troy singer Thomas Erak’s more chilled moments.

Make sure that your face-based-visual-input-devices (AKA eyes) are as peeled as possibly can be for their upcoming debut record, I’m predicting a corker!

bathingThe Planet You’s debut full length will be released by All Sounds. Keep up to date with The Planet You via their Facebook page and bandcamp. And stay in school.