no metal In this battle


Every once in a while, it’s good to stretch your wings and cut loose a little bit. Even if you’re into math rock. Come on, you know you want to – hell, you need to.

Luckily, today we have an ideal solution to premiere courtesy of Luxembourg’s No Metal in this Battle and their retro-sleazy new single, “Lightrider.”

But these are all just words, it’s the video you need to see in order to fully understand what’s in store, because No Metal in this Battle have a whole album coming out soon enough called Wie Kraut Und Ruben. Thus far, the vibe is looking frothy. They also just set up the pre-orders – but first, check out the exclusive first taste of opening track “Lightrider” below.

It’s almost like if Taco Bell experienced a bout of ego death, and let its spicy body contort into the desert wind as the sun… sets? Rises? As the sun is present, how about that?

For the common time averse, it should be cautioned that you might want to treat these disco-flavored vibes like a dietary fiber of sorts, a funk salad, if you will. It’s not quite drinking-Baileys-from-a-shoe funky, but it’s a formidable scent nonetheless.

That being said, you could easily get used to it if you’re into bands like Khruangbin Vulfpeck, and Closure in Moscow, not to mention Daft Punk. It’s a nice little break from reality, which is just what the doctor ordered. At least, we think he’s a doctor.

Just keep it up with the fiber, it’s good for you! But also, pre-order the record here for consistency. The doctor said that was important too, but he might have been talking about something else. He also said to cut back on the coffee, which is absurd, because you can always buy us a coffee here. Why would you not? Anyway, coming up we’ve got Gallus, Squid, and a whole lot more. Thanks for reading!