NEW MUSIC // What? Nah Is Bringing Back The Sax To Math Rock

Here in Australia we say ‘yeah, nah’. It basically means… ‘yeah’. ‘What? Nah, now that sounds a bit more informative. You acknowledge a contention and you subsequently object.

Anyway, this isn’t a half-ass and gatekeeping treatise on the absurdities of cultural slang. Let’s talk about how damn refreshing it is to hear the sax in math rock again. Leeds quartet What? Nah have really hit the nail on the head here. Joining contemporaries like The Most and old greats like Clever Girl and Sweep The Leg Johnny, their combination of gorgeous saxophone melodies and clean-toned math rock creates a dreamy lounge-laced jazz soundscape.

Despite being a relatively new band, What? Nah are definitely on the ups. Prior to the pandemic madness, the band had shared the stage with Taiwanese greats Elephant Gym, and had plans to support Delta Sleep, Standards and Chinese Football.

The band’s debut single ‘Camomile Sea’, streaming right here on the site, was recorded by bandpals Lewis and Ada in Mark’s freezing cold practice room by candlelight (who says musicmaking can’t wax Romantic?), and produced by the band’s own Ada Gilfoyle. We’re expecting a second single, ‘Laminar Flow’, at any moment, keep your eyes and ears alert on that one.

Stay up to date with What? Nah via their Facebook page