EXCLUSIVE // The Most announce new album and premiere new single ‘First Frost’

There’s cult bands and there’s cult bands. There’s bands that don’t fit nicely into any particular genre, or that have some aesthetic peculiarity to them, to which lazy journos might flippantly slap the ‘cult’ tag on (full disclosure: I’ve probably done it). But then there’s bands who actually foster a cult, a legion of devoted fans that are never late to roll call, always ready to rep.

Connecticut septet The Most are the latter. They’re a math rock band who, like the Faraquets and the Piglets and the Hikes and the Clever Girls, have garnered a loyal following over their mere six or so years as a band. A cult who will stand up alert like meerkats in the Kalahari at the very mention of new material.

Indeed, it was starting to look like a release lag had befallen the band, having only contributed a single track since they made a name for themselves with At Once in 2016. Well, cult members and general public alike, hold onto your face masks…

We are happy to report that The Most will be releasing their new album Of What We Have via Choke Artist this October. And, if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, stick this in your e-cigarette and vape it: we are proudly premiering the first cut off the album.

‘First Frost’ is the opening track for Of What We Have. It showcases The Most as we’ve come to love them: gorgeous yet knotty indie rock with a well-balanced touch of brass. The song wanders from a swinging rock foray towards a lavish and wobbly instrumental crescendo that is sure to tease those pre-order impulses out of you. And this is just the opener, for Vishnu’s sake…

‘Of What We Have’ Tracklisting:

  1. First Frost
  2. Reintroduction
  3. Fingerprints
  4. Mile Run
  5. It Starts in Your Head
  6. Claire
  7. Deaflat
  8. Woah! Hot Cinders
  9. Intro to Unlearning
  10. Unlearning
  11. In the Form Of

The Most’s new album Of What We Have will be out October 9th via Choke Artist. Go and make your pre-orders on the Choke Artist website right now, why dontcha?