NEW MUSIC // Rally Point’s New EP ‘Transitional at Best’ Is A Delectable Mix of Emo, Indie and Math Rock

This week we are repping up Philadelphia’s very own Rally Point, an indie-emo math rock band that formed back in 2017 by non-binary guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Anna Gentile. Transitional at Best is their latest feature, a 7-track EP that ventures into dark and moody territory. It features bass-forward riffs, manic drums, heavy guitar, dank cello riffs, and emotive vocals. Overarching themes on the record include loss of control (B.O.A.F., Thank You (You’re Welcome)), searching for meaning inside and outside of oneself (Thank You (You’re Welcome), Shadow Puppet), the death of a friend (Heavy Weight Champ), dependent relationships (B.O.A.F., I Bought You An Orca), skating and having fun (Daisy Petals), and learning to gain control over one’s own life (Shadow Puppet, MOOM).

We expect many of you lot are finishing up for the year, so let’s sign off the working/studying year with some merry tunes, hey?

The bands expansive sound brings to mind the glassy post-rock of early Caspian or LITE but with emotional vocals and prominent strings.

Transitional at Best is particularly special, as the band have been nobly putting together funds for the Philadelphia Community Fridge, a local non-profit providing free food for many people around the city. Rally Point have announced that 80% of the digital proceeds will go directly to support PCF and their efforts. So please dig into your wallets and help those less fortunate.

Rally Point’s new EP ‘Transitional at Best’ is out right now. You can go listen and throw the moneys via their Bandcamp page