Today, we welcome Horders into our homes to unpack riffs, nostalgia, and heartache through the power of their debut labor of love, Eternities.

Keen eyes will recognize a few names here from Sloth and Turtle, a couple of which even hold production credits on Elaine the Singer‘s incendiary debut, but here, we’re in for something of a different temperature altogether.

The icy intro slowly thaws into “Peeling a Banana in Reverse,” which comes across as a much more meticulous process than we could have ever imagined. No, really, we’ve actually never imagined it. Regardless, this thought-provoking piece of fruit becomes increasingly relevant throughout Eternities as more texture is explored on songs like “Void Transaction” and “How/Now.”

On the surface, we think a lot of listeners will be surprised by the level of overall chill found on the record as well. Compared to the tenacity of ETS or Sloth and Turtle, some may wonder where this change in direction might be coming from. However, some people might not realize this album took ten years to make; that’s a lot of time and effort no matter how you slice it, and the more you listen, the more you understand the nuance between songs.

Musicality aside though, at Fecking, we’re known to appreciate a good band name or album title. Lord knows there are lots of them. But exciting new genres are TWICE the thrill, and “stoner tech” just might take the cake for this years most innovative tag. Although the band get points for using the words “Psychedelic Grunge” as well, it’s certainly not as many.

While nothing here quite reeks of the weed worship so often displayed by bands like High on Fire and Cannabis Corpse, we could see Horders playing with some potent high-gain in the future now that they’ve got a promising debut under their belt. Cuts like “Laser Dragon” in particular really do make us wonder what that would sound like. Even if it takes the band some time, it will be interesting to see where their minds take them, and us, next.

Check out Eternities and the ultimate genre tag here!