It’s a good day to let go. Like, fully let go – submerged in the pool, no preconceived thoughts, just drifting in the SAWCE.

That’s right – Adam and co are back, baby, with a moody and engrossing fantasy that reels you in like a pulsing mothership as it blurs the lines between break-core, math rock, and futuristic Midwest-emo.

That exists, now, yes – you gotta get out of the house more. But even if you did, it wouldn’t make the effects of Life is Temporary, Sawce is Forever any less invigorating. Check out “Shonen” below.


There’s a distinctly creeping sense of atmosphere that build throughout the opening that nearly translates to dread – but “Fallout” and “Crunch” actually reach strangely ecstatic heights despite their weary, low-key wanderings. The waves of ambience and electronic blip solos that parallel everything else add distinct personality to the record, but almost create a ‘double album’ effect. Sure, there’s a lot going on, but it’s not overwhelming, it’s just pleasing in two different ways at once.

When the BPM’s ramp up for songs like “Rage Quit” and “Shonen,” it’s almost surprising, but remember, their 2017 S/T record was enough to get them spots with bands like 100 Gecs and Anthony Green. Still… this one feels pretty weighty while not losing itself under the pressure. Oh, and hell yeah to “Emulate” and its chip-tune charm, complete with a feature from Low Poly. “Strand” gets things back into chill mode – and we want to be clear, both modes on LITSIF are fantastically executed – but there’s something about the work put into the quieter dynamics that really shines. Again, both are great, but in a landscape where artists are now competitively incorporating other genres (in good sport, of course), Sawce gets a truly honorable shoutout for retaining personality no matter what volume or medium they’re playing with.

Something we’ve come to fear as a listener is the feeling that a record is ‘car music.’ Now, we love a lively mix that makes us want to speed down the freeway as much as anyone else, but that’s not what we mean – one time we put on a very typical, universally lauded math rock band, and our mom said it was perfect driving music. While at the time it felt like a point for math rock, it eventually came to represent this point of non-urgency that eventually stood out more than anything else. Thankfully, what we can tell you is this – Sawce does not have that problem. We’ve known for some time that Sawce can shred, but with LITSIF, they prove they can emote with the big dogs as well, and that’s a special sauce we’d slather over anything, anytime.

Somewhat late into the year, Life is Temporary, Sawce is Forever is immediately vying for a high-ranking spot in our upcoming Top 50 for 2023. Be sure to check out the whole thing here and/or buy us some hippy sauce here. Coming up we’ve got Ssighborggg, Dylan Lounsbury, YOUFF, and more – thanks for reading!