EXCLUSIVE // Future Machines Return With A Feast Of Eclectic Math Rock In ‘Glowing Flying Object’

Canadian math outfit Future Machines is, in many ways, an extension of what frontman Matt Fong pieced together in his previous act Falcon Punch, a mix of punk-addled math rock and groovy electronica. The band released their wild and wobbly debut in 2019, which we eagerly lapped up and extolled the virtues thereof.

Fast-forward a year and the band are set to release their next extended-play offering Glowing Flying Object. The four track EP, replete with gorgeously abstruse artwork (almost looks like an incomplete Escher painting), showcases a slower but still discombobulating Future Machines. The title track, proudly on full exhibition here, is equal parts joy and pathos. The guitars have a dizzy and resonating quality in the frame of, say, The Drones or Tropical Fuck Storm. The melodies are gorgeously slack and tossed across percussive thumps. In all, it’s a delightfully mathy experience.

And this is just the beginning. Prepare for clarinet improvisations, lounge-y jazz and a suite of electronics when this thing drops.

Glowing Flying Object is out on New Years Day 2021, and you can pre-order right friggin’ now over here at Future Machine’s Bandcamp page.