EXCLUSIVE // Listen to the meter-bending madness of Future Machines (feat. members of Falcon Punch)

Falcon Punch were as explosive as they were elusive. In a mere matter of weeks in 2014, the Canadian band dropped a track to widespread acclaim and were subsequently scooped up by London label Blood and Biscuits, nestling quite comfortably amongst the likes of Three Trapped Tigers, Gallops and The Physics House Band. Show Me Your Moves was something very special; it’s blend of wobbly synths, angular guitars and EDM pastiche was winning over the press, including us. And then… they vanished as quickly as they had appeared.

So it was surprising and unsurprising when we received a message out of the blue from Falcon Punch frontman Matt Fong hopped into our inbox. The first EP for his new project Future Machines was mixed and mastered – he just needed someone to listen. After happily obliging, we were blown away… again. The band’s self-titled EP is a feast of catchy but challenging tracks filled with odd punctuation, metrical complexity, and oddball chord progressions. This is more than a cut above the rest, it is a definitive contemporary math rock record.

We urge you to give their first single ‘Expresso Boss’ a good spin. It’s catchy and upbeat, yet angular and complex. These two oft-opposing forces come together seamlessly, like a nice salted caramel. Enjoy the feast…

Future Machines’ self-titled debut will be out March 29th. Go and pre-order this hot sucka via their Bandcamp page. Hells yes.