EXCLUSIVE // Waxamilion is dishing up noodles in his third EP Hidden Realms

It was a stroke of luck for Max Dornauer aka Waxamilion that he was able to fly over to LA from Austria, squeeze in some US shows and attend NAMM before this old COVID thing engulfed society. It gave him a chance to meet and collaborate with a sleuth of musicians and, eventually, put together his third release Hidden Realms.

Following the blueprints of his previous two box o’ bangers Incensored and Muttersprache, Hidden Realms is a jazzy and noodly ride, but the tempo and atmosphere is warm, naye chill.

As well as being an exemplary licks-fest, Hidden Realms, like othe Waxa releases, is teeming with special guests. The new EP includes Forrest Rice of Covet, Liam McLaughlin of Orynthia, and Wes Thrailkill of the, yes eponymous, Thrailkill.

I’d say Flying Lotus, Hiatus Kaiyote and Jacob Collier were about the most important influences for this track and for the whole EP,” says Max, and the proof is indeed in the pudding. It’s a mature offering from a guy who ain’t flaunting his (evident) technical prowess. Give it a spin.

Hidden Realms is out tomorrow, but you can put your pre-order bids down here. And if this coronavirus bowls over and dies, you’ll be able to catch Waxamilion in the US again in January 2021. Fingers crossed.