EXCLUSIVE // Gather round and check out Golden Python’s third offering ‘Spitting God’

Do we spit on god, or does god spit on us? The question at the heart of Golden Python‘s new album is as challenging as the title. Spitting God is the Python’s third record, and the color has changed. It is the Montreal band’s most avant-garde, punky, conceptual album to date.

The emotional scream of Vincent Ford, who is also the frontman of Gulfer, nods to straight-up-the-middle emo-revival, but delve deeper and you will hear a complex and experimental instrumental performance. Soft nervousness, polite violence, distortion that slips in with a smile.

‘Spitting God’, this song is the main story of the album. “I imagined a god that was so selfish that he was just up in the sky to spit on people and cruise above everyone playing with humans like muppets. In the last chorus I mention that God should have been me, cause I think I could have done a better job at it then our current god.” Vincent says. It’s a suitably frenzied attack of the ears. Vincent spits the vocals. The music is manic and complex.

The band have continued to inch up the complexity from their first release Arizona, but with Spitting God it’s especially ramped up. Take the time to hear this one through, you will not regret it.

‘Spitting God’ by Golden Python will be released in 19th July. Go to this place to pre-order your jams!