NEW MUSIC // DJ Perro turn into real DJs with AUSTIN TV’s ‘Marduk’ remix

DJ Perro are one of our favorite current acts. The Mexican five piece have had a huge acceptance among math and prog rock enthusiasts since their 2018 debut album ‘Canis Allegro’, their performance in ArcTanGent 2019 and a short European tour.

This confinement has been a pain in the butt for most of us, but the boys from Puebla, Mexico are working non-stop. Earlier this year they surprised us with ‘El Neonato’ (you can listen and read all about it here), and today, they present to us the first sample of an upcoming release they are brewing as you read.

This new project from the perros is simply called ‘DJ Perro Remix’. They are cooking what will be a set of separate tracks and it will include variations of some songs of bands that have influenced them through their lives, as well as some other genre approaches the band has in mind for the future.

This first track is sort of a tribute to AUSTIN TV’s 2007 classic ‘Marduk’, a throwback to the roots of Mexican math rock. This song became something similar to an anthem, an ode to all what is beautiful. Back in the day, having an instrumental pre-math rock band like AUSTIN TV was new not only in Mexico, but in Latin America as well. They are considered legends in their country, and they even reached the US and Europe, having had the chance to play Coachella 2008 and some European countries.

Guitarist Axel Ibañez told me that ‘I was simply listening to ‘Marduk’ and I came up with the idea of adding some chords to the melody. Musically speaking it’s called re-harmonization. So, I told them (DJ Perro) this idea of using the word remix, associated mostly to DJs, and give a tad of a twist to songs of artists we like. We’re currently working on some other remixes, and we hope that, at some point, we can work with national (Mexican) and, why not, international artists as well.’

DJ Perro have AUSTIN TV’s members blessing, and the result is the beautiful piece of music we are thrilled to present to you today, plus, the art is just gorgeous.

If you are not familiar with AUSTIN TV’s fine work, you can listen to all of their music here to get in context, and, for more DJ Perro’s music and merch, click here.