EXCLUSIVE // Watch the making of tortuganónima’s latest release ‘Imago’

It’s been a while since Chilean 4-piece tortuganónima gave birth to their math/hip-hop/experimental LP ‘Imago’, a remarkable, conceptual record which explores the mysticism of life itself and the mysteries of human nature. Having started in 2012, they have a very distinctive signature sound, which I like to call the ‘Latin American stamp’. They talked to us about ‘Imago’ and their history a couple months ago (you can read all about it here). 

This album also unveils, in form of music and visual art, an approach to some human emotions. tortuganónima embarked on a creative journey to come up with Imago, taking the risk of blending other genres to their sound.

Today they present ‘Making of Imago’ a mini doc showing the creative process and recording of the album. Produced and filmed by Chilean producers Hokkaido, the footage is an evidence of the vision the four boys in tortuganónima had individually and as a band for this record, plus a sneak-peek to the challenges they faced while producing and recording their ideas. It allows you to live the intimacy of making music with the band and to share their experiences. The 20 minute video includes English subtitles, so language will not be a problem for all of you Fecking readers.


You can listen to tortuganónima on every streaming platform, and if you want to buy their albums and support them directly, you can go straight to their Bandcamp. And, if you are eager to hear more Latin American math rock, don’t forget to take a look around our World of Math interactive map.