Welp, it’s official. The Fecking gang has teamed up with the boys from anomalía ediciones in Argentina to hold the first international anomalía Fest, presented by Fecking Bahamas. And, as you already read, none other than our lads in Delta Sleep will be leading the line-up for the amazing six dates coming ahead this summer.

After months of talking and planning, we are finally proud and happy to have this news come to light. As the pandemic went on, becoming a part of our lives, all musical activities had to stop, and several bands had to sadly cancel or postpone tours scheduled for 2020 and 2021, and Delta Sleep was no exception. Finally, after four years since they last stepped foot on Latin American soil, and two years after having to cancel the Americas Tour, the English four-piece makes use of anomalía fest as their 2022 Latin American tour, which contemplates six dates in five countries, starting July 30th and concluding August 7th.

Delta Sleep to lead anomalía fest in Latin America

2022 has been a rather prolific year for the boys, with sold out dates in the Europe and US tours, Delta Sleep venture themselves on taking the trip and getting closer to all of their fans on this side of the globe. With support from Chile’s own tortuganónima, and more local bands from each country, anomalía fest by Fecking Bahamas is a real effort to regain the musical greatness of math, post, noise and indie rock in these regions of the world where events like this hardly ever happen.

The brainchild of anomalia ediciones’ Juan Godfrid, with support of our own staff writer Iván Maldonado, and Mauricio Méndez aka ‘Musgo’ from Mexican four-piece Dot., anomalía fest as an international journey escalated from being a talk about a small gig in Mexico City, to the gigantic musical feat knocking on our doors. Subsequently, music media newcomers La Vida Moderna in Mexico, veteran music agency and digital magazine LeRockPsicophonique in Chile and gig promoters On Stage in Brazil joined the team, and well, the rest is history.

The great joint effort all these people are making, plus all the supportive media involved to make this happen, is an example of how we can all work together for a common purpose. It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, producer, roadie, promoter, label manager, or an avid fan, listener, or even if you are new to this genre. What matters is that, as a community, we can make music reach every person, and every corner around the world. Check out all the info about the tour dates below, and, if your are around, click here to get tickets for each date: Mexico City, Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro.

Math or die!