EXCLUSIVE // The Planet You are back in fine form with their math rock epic ‘Techxture’

It’s been three years since we first worked with rambunctious math rock trio The Planet You. A band that work as momentously as they charm, TPY will not only clock in five years as a band in 2020, they will be releasing their long-awaited third full-length. Of course, for a band that has put out a release in each year of their existence, this comes as no surprise.

In their 2020 release Techxture, The Planet You are sticking to their foolproof blueprint. The ten track full length is replete with whimsical songwriting, wacky instrumental, and all-round good fun. To end this week, we are proudly premiering two of the cuts off this fine record. ‘Prismatic’ and ‘Cloud Emissary’ mix together sweaty punk with moustache-twirling jazz – and, by golly, there are some jaw-dropping instrumental moments on these ones.

We are off to a good start to the year, people…

Techxture is out on the 18th of January. Head on over to The Planet You’s Bandcamp and Facebook pages to keep up-to-date with the release.