EXCLUSIVE // light mill explore math rock minimalism in their latest video

There’s always been a small handful of bands that tend to break down the math rock genre to its delicate fibers. They eschew the guitar noodles, the intense drum rolls, the pedals and other digital toys. I immediately think of bands like Morviscous and mOck from a few years back, but the same could be said about June of 44+, Pele and many other bands of the 90’s math and post rock salad days. When you strip away the indulgence, the experimental nature of the genre is revealed.

And so it goes in light mill’s live session for their brand new single ‘time dilation’. The two-piece, hailing from Germany, aim to keep their unique form of instrumental music close to the surface.  Their only release to date, merely a transcript of nature in 2017, sets the tone for their vision, gentle explorations into the areas where rhythm and melody overlap but do not necessarily harmonize. This is a wonderful next step in the band’s evolution…

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