EXCLUSIVE // Stream ‘The Second Floral EP’ in full


Well, this is no surprise. After their captivating debut last year, Floral return with an equally frenetic, yet ultimately relaxing sophomore, the aptly titled The Second Floral EP. And friends, we’re streaming the puppy exclusively.

The Second Floral EP, whilst certainly being a technical foray, is never tarnished by mindless virtuosity. Amidst the interesting modulation, counterpoint and tempo shifts, melody is a strong cornerstone. There is no doubt that guitarist Nate Sherman is putting his instrument to great work in The Second Floral EP, but overall the EP is a happy and relaxing trip, echoing CHON and Ghosts and Vodka. It’s technical yet coherent; hyperactive but chilled out. What is there not to love here?

floralThe Second Floral EP will be available for purchase this weekend via Floral’s bandcamp page, right here. Go get it permanently in yer music library because streaming online is fleeting at best.