NEW MUSIC // Floral makes a sparkling return with new single ‘This Year’

Well, this one has been a long time coming. Five years ago, the Floral crew premiered their second full length album here on Fecking. The album skyrocketed Nate Sherman and co into the math rock limelight, and they have subsequently enjoyed international tours and two apperances at the eminent Arctangent Festival.

Perhaps Floral conceded that was too morally puncturing to keep tickling us with teaser riffs and videos on their social media. Perhaps it was their New Year’s resolution to come good with new tunes. Whatever the case, here we are. So sink your teeth in to the band’s newest offering ‘This Year’, a track whose mind-boggling technicality is balanced with overwhelming exuberance. All in a day’s work for one of math rock’s contemporary greats.

The Floral LP is out February 15, and we are stoked on it. Check out the latest on Floral’s Facebook page.