Pretend – Tapestry’d Life (2015)

Let’s get all the trite cliches out of the way: it was worth the wait.

Pretend fall into the same category as bands like The Bulletproof Tiger, bands that deliver a strong record and subsequently slip into the ether as a massive cult following slowly blossoms. We start to wonder when the second coming will occur but it is hard to tell. All we have are vague promises; a photo or a social media status here and there. They’re much like Jesus, really.

So forgive me when I say it was worth the wait, because it was. Tapestry’d Life, Pretends follow up from 2009’s Bones In The Soil, Rust In The Oil, is everything we expected. There are no high and low topographies across the nine track album; its soft and emotive nature is continuous from opener ‘Wrapped In Fantasy’ to closer ‘Ivory’. The vocals have a Death Cab For Cutie indie pop sensibility, which compliments the gently resonating guitar phrases. The musical textures of Tapestry’d Life are light to the touch, often soothing, allowing them to crawl underneath your skin and penetrate your catharsis cord.

Yes, it’s been a six-year hiatus but Pretend are back to remind you what they are good at, to reintroduce you to the qualities they haven’t lost with time. Tapestry’d Life carries its heart on its sleeve; its slow and gentle execution creates a placid and idyllic soundscape that will echo long after you’ve returned from your existential road trip.

File Under

Soothing, indie, math rock, pop, odd rhythms, post rock

Sounds A Tad Like

Dilute, TTNG, Sparkspitter

Standout Tracks

Blessings, Wrapped In Fantasy


$10US for digital (Topshelf Records Bandcamp)