EXCLUSIVE // Stream the latest video from Russian post-math rock act Weary Eyes

We first started messin’ about with Moscow’s own Weary Eyes many moons ago, and since then we’ve watched the band slowly grow from strength to strength. It’s bands like Weary Eyes, and other notables like Antethic and Riding The Diplodoc, have been running with the Russian math rock flame for many years now.

Russian math rock is a peculiar style of math rock, as we’ve discussed before. It’s a math rock that favours the fruits of post rock: a strong narrative; inter-textural soundscapes; melodies slowly developed with time. It’s odd timed and unpredictable and all that, but there’s that itty-bitty piece of coherency that brings it all together nicely. Russian math rock is very… tidy.

And this is precisely what we are seeing in Weary Eyes’ new offering ‘V.’, coming to you exclusively this week on Fecking Bahamas. In this infectious track, taken from the band’s upcoming album True North, Weary Eyes deliver well-balanced instrumental rock sprinkled with delightful math rock twists and turns. It’s, well, tidy. This video also sports some gorgeous panoramic views of an abandoned Russian mine. In all, it’s a wonderful primer for True North, one that should be burning the ears of ASIWYFA and sleepmakeswaves fans worldwide.

a1369708735_10Weary Eyes’ new album TRUE NORTH and will be released on August 31, but you can start pre-ordering the lil’ bugger on their bandcamp page. And why not hit up their Facebook page while your here dicking about on the internet?