Weary Eyes – WWGBBYW (2014)

Weary Eyes are a Russian math-post-rock quartet with an exciting career ahead of them. Fusing together airy keys, juicy hooks, elongated lead guitar lines and a never ending barrage of percussive variance, the band move as one single organism engulfing mediocrity and synthesising wonder.

Their exiting new instalment, WWGBBYW, emits hints of The Cure, Tera Melos, Brontide and Alpha Male Tea Party. The infectious melodies and prog-vibes have a post-rock weight and elasticity, and slide nicely inside the tight-pocketed and math-dominated rhythms.  Even when jumping into utterly new dimensions, the transitions are an effortless glide and feel very natural. I often had impressions of hearing songs being born rather than recited. WWGBBYW is mastered by Rocky O’Reilly (ASIWYFA), and you can hear his fingerprints all over this gem. The polished reverb in the instruments rings out and creates a nice pounding sensation, accentuating the poignancy of the music, and allowing me to get lost in my headphones. My favourite tracks, ‘The World Won’t Get better But You Will’ and ‘All Your Favourite Bands Have Broken Up’, convey the musical diversity of the record. While the former is melodic and soulful, the latter uses more disjunctive, acrobatically delivered instrumentation. In WWGBBYW, Weary Eyes give us balance, blend, and multiple musical orgasms.

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Math rock, post rock, indie, dark, instrumental, progressive

Sounds A Tad Like

ASIWYFA, Tera Melos, Brontide, Gifts From Enola


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