EXCLUSIVE // Stream the new album from Miles Paralysis (feat. members of A.M Overcast, Such Gold, Taking Meds)


We love our selves a good merger. Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and caramel. Maybe not Exxon and Mobil.

But you get the idea – you combine two good things to make a doubly, maybe even triply good wonder-product. So when your starting ingredients are Alex Litinsky of Canadian math rock act A.M. Overcast, and Jon Markson of Such Gold and Taking Meds, you’re gonna bake up a shit-hot cake right?

The duo hit it off during Such Gold’s tour with Millencolin in 2016, connecting over music, humour and everything in between. Alex later joined Such Gold on guitar, and eventually collaborated on a larger-than-life project known as Miles Paralysis. And today we are doubly/triply proud to be bringing you their self-titled LP, an exceptionally produced, mathy compost of ear worms.

Jon gave us a lil’ bit of insight into Miles Paralysis’ debut: “We set out to make a mathy pop record that represented both of our musicalities. We spent a month at my studio in Brooklyn writing the songs, and tracking the drums and guitars. We then spent a couple of weeks in Winnipeg recording the bass and vocals. Immediately after that we went on tour together in Taking Meds. Upon getting back we tracked the last little bits and mixed it this past February.”

Stylistically, Miles Paralysis is the unsurprising result of combining the melodic punk wares of Such Gold with the quirky experimental aesthetic of A.M. Overcast. It’s a record that seamlessly rides the boundary between coherent pop and vivacious, discordant math rock. It’s a record that’s Oreos and milk, butter and popcorn, mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s a record that you need to have your ears in.

a1369708735_10Miles Paralysis’ new album will be hitting the digital music shelves out today by golly. Keep your eyes pinned on the band’s Facebook page for further instruction…