EXCLUSIVE // Stream MTCRSS’s new album ‘*motocross’ and watch the video for ‘taco’


If you were looking for a new instrumental rock band high in octane and low in predictability, rich in power riffs and depleted in vowels, I think we’ve got you covered.

We at Fecking Bahamas had always been great fans of Russia’s Riding The Diplodoc, and were justifiably :(-ing at their disbandment back in 2011. So when we heard that some of the members were to reunite and form MTCRSS, there was a ray of hope that these guitar hook yielding juggernauts would once again bring force to the math/post rock scene. We were lucky enough to have our own little taster of this in the Fecking Bahamas II. Russia compilation, which dropped in November last year. The eventual MTCRSS release was highly anticipated and we knew that in 2015 something was gonna give. It’s been a few months since we went all Nostradamus-like predicting their releases and, yep, *motocross is everything we imagined.

It took 2-3 months to write the EP, with a lot of interruptions,” says guitarist Sasha Butakov, “we had tried to record something during the two years of MTCRSS existing. We had finished 4 tracks but decided not to release them (mainly due to financial problems).” It’s been worth the wait. *motocross’ brings together unpredictable chord progressions and upbeat rhythms to form a rich sonic charge. “We’re working on new stuff at the moment and planning release LP this autumn. Then we will see what will happen.” For now, we can almost guarantee that *motocross will tick all your boxes.

Accompanying our premier of *motocross is the music video for ‘taco’, arguably the EP’s pièce de résistance. We hope you enjoy MTCRSS as much as we have been.

Purchase details for *motocross will become available on the MTCRSS Facebook page. For now, indulge.