SNEAK PREVIEW // Watch Orchards’ new video ‘Chemystery’

Remember when you went all ‘holy fuck!’-like at the impending force of Orchards‘ opening riff for ‘Chemystery’? The drums pounded, the guitars soared and the key changed, escalating the madness to another echelon. You knew where you were at, didn’t you?

The year has kicked off well for the Brighton crew and we are now happy to be sneak previewing the cool new music video for ‘Chemystery’ from Orchards, taken from their Constantly Moving EP. Snipped together by Musical Mathematics editor and fellow homeboy Andy Crowder, the video brings together the cold-as-all-hell-ness, the drunken messiness, but, overall, the good-times-ness of the United Kingdom. It recollects all the drunken glamour and stupor we enjoyed so much while we were living there. Good music, good bros, no summer and alcohol. Lots of alcohol. Not enough alcohol.

You can purchase Constantly Moving via Orchards bandcamp page. Go giddit.