Come now, we couldn’t have summarized our most highly anticipated albums for the entire feckin’ year in just one article. As we hopefully convinced you in our previous installment, it’s not just urban sprawl and increased taxes to get excited about in 2015. There is a horde of promising albums confirmed for a sleuth of math bands across the globe.

Please find enclosed a second round of exciting releases for 2015, from both underdogs and veterans of the scene. If you have albums you’re looking forward to 2015, punch in a comment below or proclaim it over at our Facebook page.


While you were sitting around still trying to figure out what ‘ochansensu-su’ means, Japan’s tricot went ahead and declared the birth of their full length follow up to 2013’s amazing T H E. The band will release their fourth single, ‘E’ as a three track EP on February 18th. Expect the full length to drop during March.

Stage Kids

It only struck me whilst plucking rumours from trusty grape vines just how long San Diego’s Stage Kids have been out of the game. The melodies of their 2011 full length Killer Tofu continues to exemplify the sound pertinent to many contemporary math rock groups. In short, they were keeping your food warm before you even knew you had food.

We have come to know that the six piece will release a new album, Intra Mentals, around mid-summer 2015. You can expect seven or eight tracks of good ol’ math rock to warm them cockles.


Remember how MTKPCC were awesome on our Russia compilation? The ex-Riding The Diplodoc (‘Rode The Diplodoc’?) four-piece will embark on the perilous quest of producing both a 12 track full length and a 5-6 track EP this year. You can also expect a live session recording on your computer screens this month. Who knows, it might be come via Fecking Bahamas? Who knows? Do you?

Giraffes? Giraffes!

I can hear faint echoes of ‘finally? finally!’ wandering through the winds. Giraffes? Giraffes!, the band so nice they named themselves twice, will indeed bring more dissonant noiseness to our faces in 2015, as a recent Facebook post suggests. If it’s anything like their 2013 10 minute epic, the rather concisely titled ‘In The Middle Of The Night Someone Tore Off The Ceiling And Sucked Me Into The Sky / Before My Eyes Began To Boil I Saw Billions Of Tiny Webs Connecting Everything’, then we are all in for a plate of treats.

Bearded Youth Quest

Here’s a band you need to know in 2015. Despite only bearing a two-track EP, it is clear that Brighton’s hook-heavy Bearded Youth Quest will be unleashing fretboard-wandering pedal-pushing lunacy with their 2015 album Yatta! Keep yer buns on high alert for this one; it is bound to be an interesting release.

Mutiny On The Bounty

It must be pretty damn cool to be the only and therefore most popular math rock band in Luxembourg. Already armed with more local fans per capita than Foo Fighters (probably), Mutiny On The Bounty are set to win even more love with their 2015 album, which is expected to be released in April. Keep your face peeled.




We were stoked in unison when we found out that math-punk-post-hardcore veterans Cinemechanica will release a new record in 2015. A recent Facebook post reads: “Alright you beautiful folks sorry for the lack of news as of late! Bryant and I (Joel) are sitting here in Atlanta w our buddy Bradd Schlosser at In Motion Recordings organizing the final sessions for the new record“. If you want any suggestion of where math rock has been and where it may well be going, this may be the record you need.