H. C. Behrendsten


Lord almighty, have we got something extra weird for you today, both in terms of sights and sounds. And if you’re someone that identifies with terms like ‘90’s baby’ or ‘millennial,’ prepare to have a number of core memories unlocked.

The German genre-fluid collective known as H. C. Behrendsten are here to premiere a stunningly strange music video for their similarly surreal new single.

The song itself is cool. But… the video. Just look at the video. In fact, check out this exclusive stream of the band’s long, strange, fantastic “Labyrinth” below.


It’s like a salvia trip into your faintest, most distant inklings of shows like Veggie Tales, Beast Wars, and Mainframe, or even the 90’s animation cornerstone Beyond the Mind’s Eye. It also kind of reminds of of Rez, on of the Playstation 2’s first rhythm shooters with all of these melty, metallic people.

Sonically, it’s an interesting contrast. The band keeps it minimal for the most part, but occasionally bursts out of their shell with dramatic prog passages, not unlike Nova Scotia’s Plural. It’s tense, even unsettling at times, but the overall journey presented with the visuals and song at the same time is wild.

Damn, we haven’t thought about that era of animation in our lives in a long time. Does anyone remember the Starship Troopers animated series? Or War Planets? What was even going on there? Regardless, thank you H. C. Behrendsten for this subconscious awakening. We didn’t know we needed it, but we did.

We are going to have the weirdest weekend now, trying to find all of these shows and scaring off loved ones. Check out more from the band here on their Bandcamp and if you wanna buy us a coffee you can do that here, you 90’s nutter. Coming up we’ve got The Bob Lazar Story, Lynx, a recap on what we’ve been doing with our Twitch, and much, much more. Thanks for reading!