EXCLUSIVE // Elephant Gym absolutely rip in this live session of ‘Satellite’

We first worked with Elephant Gym in 2014. And, incidentally, we first worked with Small Pond in 2014. By golly, it’s good to see their paths intertwine all these years later.

Elephant Gym are perhaps the greatest of math rock success stories. Gathering a strong Taiwan following in their formative years, the band tapped into an international audience with Angle, got signed with US label extraordinaire Topshelf Records in 2018 (who were kind enough to also re-release their entire back catalogue), and enjoyed a successful UK tour in 2019 (including the next-to-godly Arctangent festival in Bristol). The trio are now internationally lauded for their bouncy and clap-along take on math rock.

And then there’s Small Pond, who have to becoming one of the key labels in the UK scene. Scoring great wins early on with band signings like Town Portal, Valerian Swing and The Physics House Band, the SP guys took big risks investing in getting property in Brighton, building their own recording studio, and forging a small DIY empire. Since then they’ve continued to diversify their discography, put on master classes, manage and expand the Bad Pond festival, collaborate with the Aussie homies in Art As Catharsis, and God knows what else.

It’s so great to see these powers come together. Guys, we love you both. It’s always been a pleasure. Keep rockin’.