EXCLUSIVE // TTNG perform an unreleased song at ArcTanGent 2014

Fellow earth-dwellers, behold wonderful new sounds from the band-name-acronymizing supertrio that is TTNG.

For those of you unfamiliar with TTNG (all eleven of you), these UK-inhabiting lads seamlessly weave together a combination of complex guitar phrases, poignant melodies and charming British affability. Lend me a moment to properly express the latter of these traits, for we at Fecking Bahamas collectively doubt that we’ve met anyone as patient, courteous and polite as TTNG. They are the sort of guys that would help your grandma cross the street in peak hour. They are the Samaritans that would deescalate a convenience store robbery by hastily purchasing and brewing some organic rooibos tea, and subsequently sitting down with the perpetrators and politely leading them towards a more peaceful solution that benefits both themselves and the convenience store franchise. I have heard that there is a secret subdivision of Buddhism called TTNG, practiced by monks deep in the valleys of the Himalayas (where, for egalitarian reasons, the mountains are known as the ‘Him/Her-alayas’ so as not to offend anyone). I’m serious.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. We here at Fecking Bahamas are proud to be working with Small Pond Recordings to bring you this live performance from TTNG. This live video, captured by the Small Pond team during this year’s ArcTanGent festival, features a previously unreleased song that’ll surely get your plasma tingling.

TTNG will join Sargent House label-mates Mylets and Emma Ruth Rundle in a two month US tour starting October 20th. Check their Facebook page for dates and deets.

Small Pond Recordings will be premiering live videos from ArcTanGent all the way up to Christmas, so be sure to follow their social media escapades for more info.