NEW MUSIC // Futuredog are dropping tight math rock videos. Here, try their latest ‘Light Line’…

Nashville trio Futuredog have been around since 2012, but this is the year they’ve to pull it together, to ‘get their proverbial ducks in a row’.

Futuredog’s knotty, jangly math rock has always been on the sideline, as the band members honored their commitments to numerous other music projects around the Nashville area. So consider their new dazzling singles a case of striking while the iron is hot.

The band have released one of three video singles so far, in anticipation of full-length that will hopefully be out next year. ‘Light Line’ is the second single the band has released, which we are happily broadcasting right here. The single kicks off with a fresh, straight-up-the-middle guitar noodle, and slowly unfurls to some impressive pedal-bashing instrumental work with a heavy rock aesthetic. Go on, this is the meaty meal you want. Enjoy it.

You can stay up to date with Futuredog via their Facebook page.