Well, today’s a special day. Our good buddies in Elephant Gym have kindly allowed us to stream two amazing new tracks off their upcoming masterpiece, Angle. They’ve already tempted us with their beautiful LIGHT music video, and on June 21st the highly anticipated follow-up to their Balance EP is surely going to win some new hearts.

These featured tracks, named ‘Head’ and ‘Body’, serve as a tandem piece and showcase the lighter and poignant side of the usually ebullient Elephant Gym. ‘Head’ is a short but heart-warming prologue led entirely by bassist Tif Chang. In ‘Body’, guitarist and brother Tell moves his talents over to the piano, evoking a cool jazzy feel. There is an intriguing dynamic between brother and sister, sometimes harmonising and complementing each other, other times nonchalantly wandering. Together with Tu Chia Chin’s percussion, the delivery is calm, elegant and very moving.

Yes, you should be looking forward to this album.

Angle will be released on the 21st of June. Bring on it.