After Nations


Today we present the latest and final playthrough video from Kansas based progressive heavyweights, After Nation.

“FÉIN,” with its trippy, Mattias IA Eklundh’s Freak Kitchen style leads, is aggressively weird, and of course, we are all about it. Undead carnival of souls vibes? Check. Otherworldly rhythms at every dynamic? We’re good to go there.

Oh, and it dents. Like much of The Endless Mountain, the band’s most recent record, parts of it will resonate with fans of bands like The H.A.A.R.P. Machine, Between the Buried and Me or Meshuggah – especially if you’re looking for something without the cavity crushing screams. It’s plenty of fun either way though, so don’t be afraid… in fact, check it out below.

You’ll be “Féin.”


Despite its wavering, barely held together intro, the song uncoils into a slithering, winding snake trek with its borderline carnival-esque breakdowns and uniquely melodic leads. Especially when things simmer down, you get to hear the band messing around with some cavernous delay and reverbs as well, giving some breathing room to the manic, in-your-face guitars, but it only adds to the mystique.

Also, that’s just such an odd rhythm at the beginning. Its violent alter ego comes back towards the end, rounding out any disorientation with sheer amusement. Here’s to hoping that whatever comes next from the band keeps up the pace, because it seems they are only just getting started, and have quite a bit to give.

Quite a bit indeed.

Riffs are currently around here, folks – we don’t make the rules. Oh wait – we do! Go ahead and check out After Nations latest album The Endless Mountain our here, and when you’re done with it, thank us with a coffee here… maybe even three? We’re crazy. Anyway, coming up we’ve got Maebe, Fein, guitar nerds galore, and much, much more! Thanks for reading!