Alarmist – Pal Magnet EP (2013)

Alarmist is an amazing four-piece from Dublin utilising an impressive array of instruments and effects to craft a multi-dimensional and, well, totally unclassifiable sound. Their magical EP, Pal Magnet, incorporates many different genres and styles, including jazz, electronica, tropical and African vibes (‘Pal Magnet’ reminds me of Jaga Jazzist). The gentle sound of the keys and guitars, accompanied by the soothing drumming, keeps a light mood. Many of the sweet cheerful segments build into marvellous emotional musical parts almost effortlessly, so it is never seems like a haphazardly placed medley of genres.

Pal Magnet is Alarmist’s marvellous musical voyage through a wild range of wonderfully chosen sound.

File Under

Math rock, instrumental, multi-genre, jazz, progressive, disjointed riffs, angularity, electronic, funk, free

Sounds A Tad Like

Battles, ASIWYFA, Jaga Jazzist


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Alarmist will be playing at ArcTanGent festival in Bristol (28th to 30th August).
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