Hannibal Montana – 28-20 (2013)

To be honest, I’d like Hannibal Montana based on their name alone. Delicious portmanteaus aside, their 28-20 EP is a soaring follow-up to Hannibal Montana’s excellent Martial Arts in the Time of Firearms. 28-20 offers a six-track course of frenetic tapping, moody reverb, mixed meters, jazzy fusion and crashing breakdowns. As always, Hannibal Montana’s delivery is tight and never artificial. The multi-dimensional sound of tracks like ’28-20: You Missed It, Honey!’ and ’12 Syllables’ demonstrate how every instrument brings its own dynamic sound to the hannibalistic broth. You may want to keep the mouse close to the rewind icon; there’s plenty of delicious hooks here. 28-20 is available on Bandcamp for $5US, the same price as a beer. Except 28-20 has six different tastes. Do it.