VIDEO // Town Portal perform Yes Golem at The Drum Tamer in Manchester

We are so excited to see Town Portal extensively touring the United Kingdom as of late. Their recent circuit earlier in the year was met with great acclaim all round, and our old homies in Leeds were quick to tell us that we had lucked out by moving to Australia (fuck life). And wouldnt’ you know it, they are returning for a second time this month for the highly anticipated Bad Pond All-Dayer, co-hosted by Small Pond Recordings, Bad Math and Musical Mathematics. That’s dedication for ya.

Town Portal released The Occident earlier in the year, from which this live rendition of ‘Yes Golem’ was taken. Captured by the wonderful John Simm of Hidden Colour Audio, the video is an instant reminder that Town Portal are at the top of the math rock game. When cynics profess to you that math rock has no substance, that it’s mindless virtuosity with no cerebral backbone, show em Town Portal. Do it kid.